These are the public deliverables that will be produced during the project. This page will be updated with links to the respective documents, as soon as they are available.

NumberNameDelivery Date 
D1.1Technical and operational requirementsDecember 2018Download
D1.2Analysis of regulation in EuropeDecember 2018Download
D1.3Enabling technologiesOctober 2018Download
D2.1Initial EuWireless architectureDecember 2018Replaced by D2.2
D2.2Final EuWireless architectureMarch 2020Download
D2.3Technical enablers for spectrum sharingMarch 2020Download
D2.4Technical enablers for network sharingMarch 2020Download
D3.1Validation with use casesMarch 2020Download
D3.2Deployment and business planMarch 2020Download
D3.3Governance and legal aspectsMarch 2020Download
D4.1Assessment methodology of ethical rules & IPR issuesMarch 2018Download
D4.2Communication, exploitation and dissemination planApril 2018Download
D4.3Communication, exploitation and dissemination plan - final reportMarch 2020Download
D5.2 Web-based project collaborative spaceMarch 2018Download